County Highway Beech Road 4-17-18The Marshall County Highway Department began the road reclaiming process Tuesday on Beech Road north of 12B.  The reclaiming process help build the sub base of the roads up to make a stronger road base for the re-surface treatment.

During the reclaiming process there will be material add to the road and mixed together with the existing road surface. Once the material is mixed to together with the reclaimer, a vibratory pad foot roller will follow compacting the materials to establish a well compacted base. A grader will follow this process to reconstruct the shape of the road to take out the crowns, and imperfection and smooth out the road. Once the grader completes its process, a smooth drum vibratory roller will follow to compact the surfaces and smooth out the road. Once this process is complete the road will be ready for a surface treatment.

The reclaimed road will be left for a period of months or even a year to cure.   The county will come back and double chip seal or pave the road.

While Beech Road is the first road for the reclaiming process, Jason Peters, Superintendent of County Highways said this process will continue throughout this area, so drive with caution and try to avoid this area while construction work is being done.

Reclaimed road on the 2018 Marshall County Road Plan include:

5th Road from Fir to Filbert

Gumwood Road from 5th Road to 5B Road

5B Road from Grape Road  to Gumwood Road

Grape from 5B Road to Gumwood Road

6A from Grape Road to Hickory Road

Hickory Road from 6A Road to 7B Road

6th Road from Juniper to Ironwood up to 5C Road

Gumwood from 12b Road to Old 30

Sycamore Road from State Road 6 to 1st Road

2B Road from Quince Road to the west

All these previous roads are scheduled to be reclaimed this spring and are anticipated to be put back with a hard surface later this road season.

Underwood Road from 18A to 19B Roads will remain a gravel road.