County BuildingThe Marshall County Drainage Board and Marshall County Commissioners will meet Monday Morning starting at 8:30 in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.

The Drainage Board will conduct a Public Hearing on the construction project of a new drain at 2B Road in German Township.  The latest design concept is estimated at $40,602.  That cost will be shared by the 96 acres in the water shed that will benefit from the projects.  In their March meeting the County Drainage Board established a $10 per acre maintenance assessment with a minimum assessment of $15.

Under Miscellaneous Business the County Drainage Board will discuss a number of issues.  Glen Roberts will discuss the Meyer’s Arm #7 and Jerry Chavez from Marshall County Economic Development Commission and Sean Surrisi the Plymouth City Attorney will discuss the Schuh Ditch.  Other items on the drainage board agenda include INDOT for US 31 on the Seltenright Ditch and State Road 331 on the Kuntz arm of the Brock ditch.  Members will also be updated on the flood damage of the regulated drains.

The Commissioners will meet at 9:30.  Their agenda include the Highway Department update, Adoption of the County Hazard Mitigation Plan, funding for training for the Veterans Service officer.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi will present the County Plan Director’s contract along with the County Attorney’s report.  Under Commissioners Items is the removal of the stop sign at Veterans Parkway and 7th Road and a discussion of 500 East LaPorte Street in Plymouth.

The meetings are open to the public and comments and questions are always welcome.