Drug-FreeDrug Free Marshall County in an effort to combat drug and alcohol misuse in Marshall County has awarded over $62,820 to area schools, law enforcement and treatment providers in Marshall County.

Grant dollars are utilized by the various entities ranging from drug testing, financial assistance to those in need of treatment and in the criminal justice community to aid in drug and alcohol education and prevention.

Recipients for Drug testing in the Schools include:

Argos  $2,422

Triton  $1,600

Bremen  $2,880

LaVille  $3,017

Plymouth  $3,500

The Plymouth Parks Department received $700 to provide drug and Alcohol Education during their 2017 Summer Camp.

Treatment Providers receiving Grant Funds to assist in offsetting the cost of substance abuse treatment for clients are:

Eric Fosters, Inc. $10,000.00

A New Direction $11,000.00

Bowen Center $7,000.00

Criminal Justice grant awards went to

Project DARE of Marshall County $2,000 to assist with annual funding for all schools in the county

Bremen Police $7,000 for Drug Interdiction Training

Marshall County Probation for $4,500 drug testing

Marshall County Drug Task Force $2,700 for equipment

Plymouth Police K9 $5,500 to assist with the purchase of a new K9 and equipment

Drug Free Marshall County is a citizen board established in conjunction with the Governor’s Task Force on Enforcement, Treatment and Prevention. Drug Free Marshall County receives its funding through Court Ordered fines from those persons convicted of drug and alcohol offenses in Marshall County.

Drug Free Marshall County meetings are open to the public and are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, 1400 Pioneer Dr. Plymouth.