Bourbon_downtown street sceneAlthough not an agenda item for the Bourbon Town Council meeting on April 10, council members, Les McFarland, P.J. Hanley, and Larry Wattenbarger along with Bill Keyser for Zoning and Building and several audience members discussed what permits, parking requirements and engineering are needed to covert space above businesses for apartments downtown.

The topic was introduced by Wattenbarger saying he heard that a downtown business will be converting their upstairs space into three apartments. Much of the discussion at the Bourbon Town Council meeting centered on parking issues.   According to Keyser, the town’s ordinance requires one and one-half spaces per unit. Keyser said those making interior improvements do not need a permit from the town. However, Keyser said the ordinances and requirements for permits of Marshall County and even Plymouth are different.

Audience members, who were unidentified, implied that the Bourbon ordinance was not being followed. They cited the North Street Apartments that have no parking attached to the property, other apartment owners that provide parking to fit the ordinance,  how structures could be demolished to make parking areas, and signage in the downtown area that limit parking during some hours.

Bourbon Town Attorney Tony Wagner was asked to look over the ordinances and permits needed.  Wagner indicated that they should consider the larger ramifications.

Carol Anders Correspondent