Autism Walk_Menominee2018Plymouth High School junior Samantha Zechiel has once again done all the planning for this year’s Autism Carnival titled: A Walk on the Wild Side Family Fun Carnival.  The event was created by Zechiel to help raise awareness that April is National Autism Awareness Month and to raise awareness about autism resources available in Marshall County.

On Friday, April 13, from 6-8 p.m. Autism Resources of Marshall County (ARMC) will join in the fund at the Walk on the Wild Side Family Fun Carnival at Menominee Elementary School in Plymouth.

The two-hour event will include games and fun activities for children, such as carnival games, a bouncy house, and concession type food and snacks for purchase. The event will take place in the Menominee cafeteria and gymnasium.

Funds will be raised through the sales of game tickets and food at the carnival. 100% of the proceeds will benefit ARMC. There is no cost to get in, but tickets will be $0.25 each or 5 for $1.00. Food and drinks, including hot dogs, pizza, chips, candy, popcorn, cotton candy, soda, and juice will range from $.50-$3.00.

Children and families affected by autism are encouraged to attend the event.

Last year, Zechiel came up with the idea to host the Family Fun Carnival at Plymouth High School on a Saturday. The event raised $800 for ARMC. This year, she is hoping to raise more money and autism awareness by hosting the Family Fun Carnival with ARMC on a Friday at Menominee Elementary School.

Zechiel has been working hard on planning the 2nd annual Family Fun Carnival with her classmates, teachers, community members, and ARMC.