County news # 2On Monday the Marshall County Council appropriated nearly $2 million dollars in appropriations from the Rainy Day Fund to assist with repairs from the recent flooding and for other road projects.

After hearing from County Highway Supervisor Jason Peters in a special meeting last month the council was asked by President Judy Stone to consider a $1.5 million transfer from Rainy Day to the highway.     On Monday they unanimously approved the transfer.

While $1.5 million is a large amount of money, when you look at the damages sustained to the county’s roads, bridges and culverts it’s only about a quarter of the funds needed.  Preliminary damage estimates are $5.5 million.

The County Council also passed resolutions for additional road projects.  The local matching money needed for the Community Crossings grants for projects on South Michigan Road and Beech Road were funded using Rainy Day Funds.  South Michigan Road from State Road 110 to 17th Road is estimated at $403,017.16 with the county’s share at $148,089.13.

Beech Road from US 6 to 3B Road was estimated at $288,080 but when the project was completed the final cost was $303,772.05.  Community Crossings paid 75% of the estimate or $$216,060 with the county’s share being of the estimate being$72,020.     The overage on the project, $15,692.05 is fully the county’s responsibility.

North Michigan Road from 1st Road to Tyler Road, the 4-lane was submitted for Community Crossing but not awarded.  In November the council voted to fund the road improvement using Rainy Day Funds.  The estimated cost of the project is $325,250.

On Monday the council unanimously approved all the resolutions.