County News # 1Jason Peters, Marshall County Highway Supervisor may see an increase in his pay if Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer can persuade the County Council to consider his recommendation.

At Monday’s County Commissioner’s meeting Overmyer suggested increasing the salary of the highway supervisor because of the additional responsibilities placed on him due to the fact that the position left vacated when Laurie Baker retired as the Highway Department Administrator the end of November has not been filled.

Overmyer said Peters had over 300 hours of overtime last year and didn’t even take time to use his vacation time last year so he lost it.

Overmyer said Commissioner Kurt Garner had asked him to sit-down and talk with Peters about his pay and consider changing him from a salaried department head to an hourly one.

Overmyer’s recommendation is to raise the Highway Supervisor’s salary up from $48,954.10 to someplace between $55,000 and $57,000; and increase of $6,000 to $8,000 annually.

Overmyer asked Commissioners Kurt Garner and Mike Delp if they wanted to think about his recommendation.  Delp questioned the salary increase instead of changing him to hourly.  Overmyer said when he took the position he wanted to be hourly but the commissioners at that time wanted the position to be salaried.

Overmyer said, “If you look at some of the overtime he’s putting in, I don’t think we could….(laugh)…it would break the bank and I think we need to be fair with him.”

Delp and Garner agreed to have Overmyer present his recommendation to the County Council at their Monday, April 9th and see what their suggestion is.