Centennial Park_front gateMembers of the Plymouth Park Department held their April meeting Monday evening in the conference room at the Plymouth Fire Department due to flood damage at the Conservation Club House.

Park Superintendent Mike Hite his crew spent March working on playground equipment, plowed snow, serviced equipment for the upcoming season and worked on the reconstruction of the Conservation Club House.

Hite gave additional details on the damages the parks received from the floodwaters.  The Dog Park at the back of Centennial Park received damage to the fencing.  He said some sections of the fence were laid over from the force of the water.  A contractor has been hired to come in and repair the damage as a cost of approximately $2,000.

While employees from the Park Department have worked and cleared the silt/sand from the Greenway Trail there is sand on the sides of the trail that will be removed as the weather dries out.

The Conservation Club House sustained major damage on the lower level.  Hite said there was 50 inches of water in the basement and the sewers backed up into the building too.  The whole lower level has been gutted.  Serve-Pro was contracted to dry out the facility at a cost of approximately $7,000.  The walls were stripped off and the insulation removed.  Hite said all the appliances: stove, refrigerator, micro wave and water heater were damaged and will have to be replaced.   All of the tables and chairs were damaged from the sewer water and will be replaced.

Hite said they were fortunate because they do have flood insurance.  He estimated to materials and service costs to be $20,000 plus.  His crew is doing most of the interior  work.  The Park Superintendent said they are taking precautions to be more waterproof.  This time they have hired a contractor to spray in the foam insulation that hardens and is waterproof and instead of drywall they are using cement board from floor to ceiling in the lower level.

It was estimated the project will be completed late this week or next week.