NewsLast week the Plymouth Redevelopment Commission voted to support entrepreneurs in the city and county by supporting a sponsorship award to a winner in the 18th annual McCloskey New Venture Competition at Notre Dame.

Jerry Chavez, President and CEO of the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation told members of the Redevelopment Commission that the MCEDC has been focused an entrepreneur startup in Plymouth and Culver and while this donation won’t have an immediate in-pact on it, his hope is that one of the future winners might consider their start up in Marshall County. TheRegional Development Authority allocated $800,000 for this $4 million project in Plymouth and Culver.  According to the RDA website the building and developer have been identified for the Plymouth phase of the project. The Culver phase would follow, once a building, developer and broadband solution are identified.

Notre Dame’s McCloskey New Venture competition is similar to the TV show “Shark Tank.” Aspiring entrepreneurs highlight their products, services or technology projects to a panel of business professionals with the hope of winning an award from the competition.

Chavez told the commission that Aker’s Plastic is the perfect example of an entrepreneur.  He said that business was started in a garage and grew to be a multi-million dollar business right here in Plymouth.

Chavez request for $15,000 a year for three years was granted and will be paid out of funds from TIF District # 1.