Marshall County Sheriff logoSheriff Matthew Hassel invites the leadership of all Place of Worship to attend this Security Training.  There has been a change of location for this training.  This training is still being provided this Thursday evening March 1st, 2018 at 6:00 pm.  However, the training has been moved from the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department to the Marshall County Government Building located at 112 W. Jefferson St. Room 203, Plymouth, IN.

The Indiana Sheriff’s Association (ISA) has developed training materials that will help place of worship create security plans to keep citizen safe.

The ISA developed materials that all sheriff’s offices in Indiana can use to provide training to places of worship in their county.  The training is designed to teach church personnel how to create a security plan that will help prevent critical incidents and how to react to a critical incident if one occurs during worship services.

Topics discussed in the training materials include:

–Conducting a Security Risk Assessment

–Developing a Place of Worship Security Plan

–What to do during the Critical Incident

–What to do immediately after the Critical Incident

–The need to provide Crisis Intervention Stress Management afterward

If there is any questions about this training, please contact Deputy Hollopeter at the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department 574.-936-3187 Ext. 277.