City NEwsMonday evening the Plymouth City Council passed two exceptions for victims of the 2018 flood event.

A citizen’s property that is in the flood affected area that will need extensive repairs will have their building permit fee waived for the next 90 days.  Citizens must obtain the permit by coming to the Building Commissioner’s Office at 111 North Center Street. The online process can NOT be used in this event.

The Building Commissioner will still be scheduling inspections of the projects that are being completed.

Because some homes in the Flood affected areas have been severely damaged the city council approved the request of Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds to waive the time restrictions for RV parking.  An RV can be parked on the property, in the flooded area during reconstruction.

The Building Commissioner will be tracking these vehicles and once the reconstruction is complete, the normal ordinance will be enforced.

If you have any questions, contact the Building Commissioner Keith Hammonds at 574-936-2824