Randy Head-2012IN Senator Randy Head recently had legislation he sponsored for the opioid crisis move through the senate process.

Head said, “I sponsored legislation to expand the number of opioid treatment centers in Indiana passed the Senate Committee on Health and Provider Services by a 9 to 0 vote.

House Bill 1007 would allow the Division of Mental Health and Addiction to approve nine additional opioid treatment programs, which would be operated by hospitals. 

Senator Head commented, “The opioid epidemic is widespread in our state, and many Hoosiers do not have close access to treatment facilities. If someone wants or needs help for their addiction, traveling should not be what deters them from getting assistance. Opening more locations would make it easier for addicts to get the treatment they need.”

The bill would also urge the Legislative Council to assign an interim study committee to study the impact the opioid treatment programs have on neighborhoods and communities in the area.

HB 1007 will now move to the full Senate for consideration.