Randy Head-2012With the Indiana General Assembly in the final half of the legislative session, State Senator Randy Head said, “My colleagues and I have started considering legislation originally passed by the House of Representatives and vice versa.”

Of the 449 bills authored in the Senate chamber, 172 have moved to the House, and of the 451 bills authored in the House, 130 have moved to the Senate.

Below are some of the important House bills the Senate is considering during the second half of the session.


  • House Bill 1001 would provide the school funding needed due to the higher-than-expected enrollment in public schools for the 2017-18 and 2018-19 school years.
  • House Bill 1035 would protect homeowners’ property rights by preempting local bans on the use of short-term rentals like Airbnb for a person’s primary residence.
  • House Bill 1341 would create a regulatory framework to allow for the testing of self-driving cars.
  • House Bill 1359 would increase the penalty for drug dealing if it results in the death of a user.

For a full list of legislation authored this session, click here.