TritonElementary_FloodFundraiserFourth grade students at Triton Elementary School have undertaken a quick service project to assist those dealing with flooding!

TritonElementary_FloodFundraiser_2They are putting together laundry pods and quarters for families who may be without the ability to wash clothes.  These little baggies will give the families the opportunity to go to a laundry mat and do a couple of loads of laundry.  Each baggie will contain a couple of laundry pods and quarters for the washer and dryer.

TritonElementary_FloodFundraiser_3Triton’s fourth grade teachers are taking care of the laundry pods and students are asked to provide the quarters.  They will be collecting until March 1st and every day at 2 p.m. they will count the number of quarters in each class room.  The class that brings in the most quarters in each hallway will have cookie party.

TritonElementary_FloodFundraiser_1The laundry baggies for families affected by the flood can be picked at the Bourbon Public Library and Bourbon Town office.

This is a link to a student video about the fundraiser.