flood signHere is the most recent information:

·        A “Watch” level travel advisory remains in place for the entire county.

·        The City of Plymouth has also implemented a “Watch” level travel advisory

·        The Yellow river has crested at 17.65 ft. and is currently at 17.6 ft. and steady.  The river will fall below flood stage at 13 ft. around 11pm on Monday Feb. 26, 2018

·        The Tippecanoe River at Ora is currently at  15.59 ft. and is not expected to rise any further.

·        Additional rain chances for today thru Saturday could be .25 – .50 in.

·        There have been no road updates provided this morning. (please see road closures from SitRep (8) yesterday afternoon)

·        A Disaster Declaration has not been implemented yet. Again please note that a disaster declaration is not related to travel restrictions such as the “Warning” level travel advisory).


Transitioning from Response To Recovery:

·        We will be requesting damage information from the public as well as starting our own preliminary damage assessment.

·        Linda Yoder with United Way is advising that United Way 2-1-1 is set up to register volunteers and take information from those that have specific recovery needs

·        Christine Stinson and Theresa Budd from the Marshall County Health Department will be looking at addressing health related issued due to the flooding as we move from response to recovery.

·        Chuck Dewitt Marshall County Building Inspector and Keith Hammonds Building Inspector for the City of Plymouth and they have agreed to assist with conducting damage assessment

·        Marianne Peters from Marshall County Solid Waste has provided resources to assist with debris issues that may occur during clean up.

·        Many people may not have proper or adequate insurance coverage for flood damage, so there will be a number of unmet needs.

·        Damage may take several weeks to repair to both him home, businesses and infrastructure.  We should be looking at a short-term, intermediate and long term plan for the whole community.

·        Please collect and document all disaster related damage costs for infrastructure, emergency protective measures, man hours, material.