Flood_WarningsHere is the most recent information:

A “Watch” level travel advisory remains in place for the entire county and the City of Plymouth.

The Yellow River is currently at 17.61 ft.   The river is expected to crest near 17.7 ft. around 7 PM tonight and fall below flood stage around 9 PM on Monday, February 26, 2018.

We do have additional rain chances tonight through Friday (.15) and again Friday night through Saturday (.58).

This is the most up to dated Road Closures and High Water in the County:

Redwood – 14th to 14B Closed

Jarrah – 8A to 7th Closed                                                      Fir South of 7th                   Moved to High Water

Birch – 17th to 18th Closed                                                    6th – Elm to 331                 Move to High Water

14th – SR17 to Rose Closed                                                   Union – SR6 to 3B            Moved to High Water

11th – Olive To Nutmeg Closed                                             6th – Elm to 331                Moved to High Water

Redwood – 14th to 14B Closed                                             Dogwood – SR6 to Tyler Moved to High Water

17B – 331 to Cedar Closed                                                    2B – Birch to Beech           Moved to High Water

Olive – Glen Overmyer Dr to Dixon Lake Trl Closed

Dixon Lake Trl to 11th Closed                                                 Opened    Douglas – SR6 to Tyler

2B – 331 to Beech Closed                                                      Opened   3rd – King to West Shore Dr

Beech – 3rd to 3B Closed

1st – King to Linden Closed


The Marshall County Commissioner are the process of trying to implement a Disaster Declaration for the county (NOTE: THIS IS NOT RELATED TO A TRAVEL RESTRICTION SUCH AS THE “WARNING” LEVEL ADVISORY)

Christine Stinson and Theresa Budd from the Marshall County Health Department will be looking at addressing health related issued due to the flooding as we move from response to recovery and Chuck Dewitt Marshall County Building Inspector and Keith Hammonds Building Inspector for the City of Plymouth have agreed to assist with conducting damage assessments.

Marianne Peters from Marshall County Solid Waste has provided resources to assist with debris issues that may occur during clean up.