floodingMarshall County Emergency Management Director Clyde Avery’s latest update (4p.m.)

A determination has been made by the Marshall County Commissioners to leave the “Warning” level travel advisory in place through tonight.

The Flood Warning has been extended for the Yellow River at Plymouth until late Sunday night.  At 3:30 PM Wednesday the stage was 16.2 feet and rising.   Flood stage is 13.0 feet.  The forecast for the Yellow River is expected to crest near 18 feet around 7 PM Thursday, February 22 and not fall below flood stage around 5 PM Monday, February 26.

The Marshall County Highway Department has many Road Closures and the list continues to grow.

Quince North of 17

Hickory Bridge North

8B – 7th to Hickory

9B – County line to Upas

Pine – 19C to 20A

Rose Rd – Lincoln way

Peach – 13th to Menominee

Gumwood – 15B to 10

Pine – 18B to 19th

Beech 2B to 3B

3rd – Birch to Beech

Sycamore – ST17 to 9C

Elm – Hwy30 to Lincolnway

12th – Beech to Cedar

King – 9A to 7th

Plymouth Goshen – Linden to King

County line – 12th to 100

4th – Grape to Fir

18B – Elm to Douglas

11A – Hickory to Lincoln

1A – Tamarack to US6

8th – Cedar to Apple

Beech – 9B to 10B

Thorn – ST6 to 1C

Quince – 3rd to 2C

Elm – SR10 to 16B

Beech – 10B to 12th

Grape – Ply Goshen to 4th

Beech – 7th to 6th

Tamarack – US6 to 1st

12th – Beech to Cedar

6th – Chestnut to Beech

20th – Elm to 331

Thorn – 6th to 1st

1C – Union to thorn

20th – Birch to Chestnut

20th – 331 to Elm

Union – US6 to 3B

Beech – 12th to 10B

Dogwood – US6 to Tyler

Douglas North of C rd

Elm – 18B to 19th

Douglas – US6 to Tyler

8th – Fir to Gumwood

Filbert – 14th to 12B

Emergency Management  is asking jurisdictions and organizations within the county to track expenses for flood fight operations as well as damage to infrastructure.  Individual flood damage to homes and businesses should also be reported to the Marshall County Emergency Management Agency in Plymouth.