County News # 1Marshall County has been awarded Federal Highway Administration construction funds for two bridges over the yellow River.

During Monday’s commissioner meeting Jason Peters, Supervisor of County Highways told members two of the three projects proposed were awarded; Bridge 120 on South Upas Road and Bridge 87 on 11th Road.

The Federal Highway funds, which are administrated by INDOT, will fund 80% of the total project cost except for professional engineering and acquisition of right-of-way.   The project on South Upas was approved for $1,636,080 for construction and $248,000 for construction inspection.  The 11th Road bridge award was for $1,416,320 for construction and $216,000 for construction inspection.

The projects will be constructed in 2022 or 2023.

The county had requested funding for phase II of Veterans Parkway, from Michigan Road to Pine Road but the project was not selected to receive Federal Highway Administration funding at this time.

While the Veterans Parkway extension to the west did not receive funding this year, the county was encouraged to submit the project for consideration during the next call for projects.