Road Closed High WaterThe Marshall County Highway Department advises that heavy rainfall is leading to flooded road, causing hazardous travel conditions. We have currently measured 1.4 inches of rainfall since midnight. A Flood Watch is in effect for most of northern Indiana and we could see 3 to 4 inches of total rainfall by Wednesday evening. An “Advisory” level travel advisory is in place and individuals travelling on county roads should use caution or avoid areas that may be flooded.


Be aware of high water signs that may be posted due to flooded roads.

Never drive through water across flowing across the road as the road bed may be washed out.

Never drive around barricades or remove barricades that have been put in place due to road closure.

Be extremely vigilant when driving at night as water across a road may be difficult to see.

If you observe an area of high water on a road and no sign or barricade has been posted, please notify the Marshall County Highway Department (574) 936-2181 or the Marshall County Sheriff’s Department (574) 936-3187.