local News_2A additional appropriation request by Superior Court II Judge, Dean Colvin to purchase an iTouch Biometrics fingerprinting machine for the Marshall County Probation Department failed to get a motion during last week’s County Council meeting.

The second fingerprint machine will allow the probation department to capture fingerprints from convicted misdemeanors who were not jailed prior to their court date.

Changes with the Indiana Code requires all those convicted of a crime to be fingerprinted and those prints will be submitted to a statewide database.   Sheriff Hassel has said last month that having this could avoid something like the Texas Church Shooting.

In January the County Council supported the project at a cost of $15,208.12.   When Judge Colvin submitted the additional in February the amount was for $18,000 from the General Fund.

Council members questioned the higher amount and were informed by the Sheriff that a separate phone line will be required to be installed.  Council members also questioned if Probation User Fees should be used for the purchase.

Since the Judge was not in attendance at the meeting the additional appropriation request did not receive a motion. Colvin will be asked to attend the March 12th meeting to discuss the request.