Randy Head-2012State Senator Randy Head highlights a bill to assist families of fallen police officers.  He said, “Families of public safety officers who are killed in the line of duty are faced with many challenges. While the state cannot replace a loved one or provide healing for their loss, we can provide some assistance with the unforeseen financial burdens that come with this tragedy.”

The senator continued, “To help these families during their time of need, one of my fellow senators authored Senate Bill 152 this session, which passed the Senate unanimously.”

Under current law, only the families of State Police officers and local police officers killed in the line of duty are provided with health coverage.

Senator Head said, “SB 152, however, would require the employer of any public safety officer who dies in the line of duty to offer to provide and pay for health coverage for their surviving spouse and children, including step and adopted children, if the employer offers health coverage for active employees.”

Senator head closed his comments by saying, “Dealing with a tragic, unexpected loss is already difficult, and this bill would provide more families with some relief by offering them the financial assistance they may need.”


SB 152 has now moved to the House of Representatives.