BourbonLocal architect Brent Martin and Habitat for Humanity Executive Director, Dean Byers, appeared before the Bourbon Town Council Tuesday evening to offer their services to possibly have houses built on a Center Street property that the town purchased. A home in severe disrepair was leveled on the property last year and the town had hoped to sell it for housing. They did have at least two offers by potential buyers who wanted to build storage facilities of the ground, but the council turned down the offers. Martin said the houses could be similar to the Harrison Street Housing Project that was competed in Plymouth several years ago.

Martin and Byers outlined how grants could be used to build three homes on the property for low income families.  According to Byers, applicants would have to meet a number of criteria to be considered for grants.  As an example, Martin said a family of four would have to have a minimum yearly income of $24,600 and a maximum of $48,900 to qualify.

Byers pointed out the restrictions of Habitat such as employment, credit rating, and “sweat equity” ability to qualify.

The council voted 3-0 to pursue the grant process.

Carol Anders Correspondent