County BuildingThe Marshall County Commissioners will meet Monday morning at 8:30 in their second floor meeting room of the County Building.

The commissioners have a rather lengthy agenda including the Highway Department report with Jason Peters, update on the Hickory Road Bridge replacement project by Laurie Johnson of DLZ and a request to make an appointment to the Community Corrections Board.

Shannon McLeod will be on hand to discuss the OCRA Grant for the 4H Fair Board proposed multi-purpose building and Marshall County Sheriff Matt Hassel will request a vehicle purchase and share the 2017 DEA Equitable Sharing Report.  Angie Birchmeier, County Treasurer will ask the commissioner for approval to extend hours during the 2018 Tax Collections and County Building Inspector Chuck DeWitt will present his year-end report.

The county commissioners will hear the report from the Shady Rest Advisory Committee.  Late last week the committee conducted another meeting and listened to more than a dozen citizens before making the determination to send a favorable recommendation for David’s Courage to use the facility for an addiction recovery program.  The commissioners will now make the final determination of what will happen with the facility that has been empty for several months, since the Bowen Center gave it back to the county.

The commissioner’s agenda also includes Jonathan Leist from Culver.  Liest will discuss an Interlocal Plan Service Agreement with the county and the commissioner will hear the attorney  and auditor’s reports.

Their meetings are open to the public and comments and questions are always welcome.