TritonHighSchool_finite math2017In Mrs. Stichter’s Finite Math class at Triton Jr.-Sr. High School, each student teaches a lesson as one of their requirements for the 9 weeks.  Shown are Vincent Helton and Riley Chickering reviewing FOIL and factoring trinomials.


Triton Elementary School second graders received this photo from Fr. Robert Luvakubandi from the school he founded in Tanzania, Africa named St Paul.  Triton Elementary Second Grade students continue their dialogue with his third grade students as pen pals. They are learning more about this culture and what school is like in another country around the world.


Kindergarten students who are English Language Learners at Triton Elementary School made cinnamon gingerbread men ornaments during a study of the many versions of the book,  The Gingerbread Man.


Triton High School, in conjunction with the Indiana Association of School Principals, is proud to announce their nominees for the Indiana Rising Star awards. This award recognizes this year’s juniors much as the Academic All-Star award recognizes outstanding academic students of the senior class. Congratulations to the winners from Triton Jr.-Sr. High School:


Pictured are from L to R: Thomas Arndt, Jenna Swihart, Kathryn Nelson, Josh Taylor.