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Marshall County Sheriff Matthew Hassel in collaboration with Marshall County Community Corrections is proud to announce the expansion of the current Inmate Programs, Marshall County Jail Chemical Addictions Program (JCAP), giving men and women who struggle with addictions a second chance.

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The Marshall County Jail Chemical Addictions Program will incorporate the existing Moral Reconation Therapy with the Smart Recovery Substance Abuse Program and a Fatherhood Initiative Program as well as group and individual Life Skills Coaching.

According to Sheriff Hassel, “Over 90% of the inmate population suffer from substance abuse disorders. These evidence-based programs have proven successful across the country in many correctional settings.  I am very pleased that we are able to provide solid programming for our inmate population.”

Hassel went to say, “If one person’s life has been changed by partnering with Community Corrections and bringing these programs to the Jail, then it’s worth it!”

Marshall County Community Corrections trained staff will facilitate the expanded programming weekly in the Jail. Director Ward Byers explains that Community Corrections has been operating in the County Jail for more than two years providing evidence-based programs with great success.

The Jail programs are funded through a $39,000.00 Community Corrections grant.

Byers went on to say, “it is imperative that such services are offered at the County Jail level as this lays the foundation for continued treatment once the inmate is released to Community Supervision”.

The Jail Chemical Addictions Program is slated to begin in January 2018.