PHS_LogoThe Plymouth Schools have been tracking where students head after graduation for the last several years. On December 5, Guidance Counselor Aimee Portius gave the board a snapshot of the 2017 graduating class.

Of the 282 diplomas awarded to students, 47 were for academic honors, 2 were academic and  technical honors, 147 were core 40, 82 were general, along with 4 certificates of completion.

Pontius also broke down the students post-secondary choices saying 130 enrolled in a four year college, 45 enrolled in a two year college, 14 enrolled in vocational/technical training , 6 entered the military, and 87 were listed under other choice.

Those students earning dual credit numbered 202 (72 percent). Dual credits means they earned college credits as well as completing their required high school credits.

Portius noted that nearly half (140) of the 2017 graduating class members were entitled to free/ reduced lunch as calculated by family size and income.

Carol Anders Correspondent