hazardous-winter-drivingMarshall County Sheriff Matthew Hassel would like to remind motorist that with the approach of winter we again will be experiencing weather conditions that will challenge our driving abilities.  Snow and ice covered roads create serious driving hazards causing an increase in traffic accidents.  He would like to encourage all motorists to exercise the following precautions during the winter weather season.

Always allow extra time when traveling to and from your destinations.

Clean snow and ice from all your vehicle windows before driving.

Make sure you have plenty of fuel to reach your destination.

Put extra warm clothing and or blankets in your vehicle.

Give yourself extra distance between other vehicles on the road.

Allow yourself plenty of stopping distance when approaching a regulatory sign and or signal.

Reduce your speed according to weather conditions and use caution on bridges and overpasses.

Use extreme caution when traveling through a school zone.

Please remember to always use your seatbelt and child restraint systems.      

The Marshall County Sheriffs’ Department would like to wish you all a safe and happy holiday season.