County News # 1During Monday’s Marshall County Commissioner’s meeting, Lou Pierce from Big Idea Company in Mishawaka presented his plans to “brand” the county.  He said the county needs to stand-out and have an effective slogan.

This fall Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer and the Marshall County Economic Development Corporation conducted three meetings at: Ancilla College, at the Culver Academies and in Bremen to hear from leaders around the county to determine the top assets in the county.  Those discussions lead to four overwhelming themes: location/proximity, natural beauty/natural resources, education and safety.

Reviewing several slogans and positioning statements the committees eventually narrowed the positioning statements to FAR FROM NOTHING; CLOSE TO EVERYTHING; and ended with FAR FROM NOTHING CLOSE TO EVERYTHING.

While the commissioners are excited to see ideas on branding Marshall County, both Kurt Garner and Mike Delp felt the “FAR FROM NOTHING” was a bit on the negative side.  Garner suggested switching the statements and put the “CLOSE TO EVERYTHING” first because it seemed a more positive statement.

While Marshall County Commissioner Kevin Overmyer was pleased with the progress, when asked what the cost for BIG IDEA to “brand” the county was, he said a contract has not been presented.