County News_logoA representative from CHA Design Construction Solutions gave the Marshall County Commissioners a report on the 7th Road wetland mitigation site during their meeting Monday.

Summer Elmore told the commissioners that the 20 acre site just off Veterans Parkway is both a stream and wetland mitigation site that was built for the project that has been completed for two years now and for the future extension of 7th Road over to Pioneer Drive.

The report following two years from the construction shows that things are “pretty successful.”

Four times each year maintenance is conducted on the site to maintain species control of unwanted growth and twice a year CHA inspects the site.

Elmore said she doesn’t believe they are meeting the criteria on tree survival.  The container trees appear to be doing well but the bare root seedlings don’t appear to be surviving as expected.   She said she doesn’t recommend a tree planting in 2018 but rather an inspection earlier in the year to be able to pick out the seedlings prior to other growth coming on.

The commissioners will have a couple of weeks to review the report prior to approving it and CHA submitting it to the various agencies.