adopt_a_street_thumbIn September, the Mayor’s Youth Council presented a request to begin an Adopt-A-Street program to the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety.  The board gave a nod of support and the Youth Council began the process of working out the city’s responsibilities along with the applicant’s responsibilities.

During Monday night’s meeting members of the Youth Council detailed the process which will include an application for those wanting to participate and a one-time fee of $40 to help cover costs.  The individual, group, organization, family or others who volunteers for the Adopt-A-Street program will be responsible for their own supplies: trash bags and gloves.  They will also be required to contact the Plymouth Street Department to notify them of the approximate clean up dates and will be required to wear a safety vest which can be borrowed from the street department.

The applications are available at this time on the Plymouth Mayor’s Youth Council Facebook page or the City of Plymouth, IN-Mayor’s Office Facebook page.

The Plymouth Street Department will erect permanent Adopt-A-Street signs at the beginning and end of the adopted roadway.  They will also remove the filled plastic bags and dispose of the trash.

To kick off the program the Mayor’s Youth Council will be looking for 8 to 10 individuals or groups as a way to test out their program.

The Youth Council will be sending out letters to businesses asking for financial support for the program in the coming weeks.