Plymouth Color Logo2014Monday evening the Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety passed a resolution slightly modifying the TechFarm Land Sales agreement between the city and the Van Vactors.

City Attorney Sean Surrisi told the board in an effort to simplify things and make them black and white the amendment proposed would provide guidance on the use of the proceeds from the sale of lots in the TechFarm.  The amendment would require the city’s portion of any land sale proceed to be used in the TechFarm or immediate area.  It also removed the three member committee VanVactor’s wanted that would determine the use of proceeds.

Councilman Jeff Houin thought the original proposal amendment that prioritizes the use of proceeds within the TechFarm first and other locations within the city secondly was better than limiting the use of proceeds to the TechFarm.

The motion to approve the proposed amendment which requires the proceeds from the sale of lots in the TechFarm to be used in that area and eliminate the creation of a 3 member committee unanimously passed the Board of Public Works and Safety.

Dave Miller from Van Vactor Farms said he appreciated the efforts and opinions county council members voiced.