PHS Play SchoolStarting in February, Advanced Child Development students at Plymouth High School will run a Play School twice a week. Children participating in Play School are preschool aged children from our community.

Now is the time the PHS staff and students are planning creative activities for Play School 2018. The instructor Caitlin Dian is currently looking to add to the Advanced Child Development supplies to better uphold Indiana Department of Education state standards of Early Childhood Education.

The program is looking for the following new or gently used items. Children’s dress up clothes, play kitchen and play food toys, play tool bench and tools, plastic toy animals, magnifying glasses, magnets, any sorting toys that can be used for math or numbers, and or shapes and colors, toy musical Instruments, bongos, and tambourines.

Any other age 3-5 toys that are in gently used condition will be accepted with open arms. The program is also in need of storage bins.
Donations are very much appreciated, so we can continue running this Play School to uphold the standards to enrich the lives of our students and our community.

You are welcome to drop items off at Plymouth High School in the front lobby during school hours.


PHS Careers Marketing junior Owen DeLee wrote this article and created the graphic