Flags at half mast_CountyBuildingThe Marshall County Drainage Board and the Commissioner meet Monday morning.

The Drainage Board will open maintenance bids for the William Myers Ditch in Walnut Township and the R. Martin Ditch in North Township at their 8:30 a.m. meeting Monday morning.  Glen Roberts is also on the agenda for a discussion and the Marshall County Life Center will seek approval to discharge into to the Schuh Ditch also known as the Newcomb Eisenhour Ditch.

The Marshall County Commissioners will meet at 9:30 in the second floor meeting room of the County Building.  Their agenda includes awarding road bids for construction and resurfacing projects.

County Plan Director Ralph Booker will present an ordinance to change the zoning of the Abbott property in LaPaz from A-1 to C-2 while Ward Byers Director of Community Corrections will request approval of the fiscal year 2019 budget grant from the state.

Shannon McLeod will seek approval of an additional OCRA grant for the Marshall County 4H Fair Board.  The Fair Board is wanting to build a Community Center on the fairgrounds in Argos.  They were not successful in the last OCRA grant round but another opportunity is opening and the intention must be sent by December 1st.

The commissioners will also meet with representatives from the Kankakee River Basin and County Attorney Jim Clevenger and Auditor Julie Fox will report during the meeting.  The commissioner will also discuss 2018 employee benefit rates.

The commissioner meeting is open to the public and comments and questions are welcome.