Leaf-pick-upAlthough the weather continues to get colder and many leaves have fallen……it’s surprising how many leaves are still on the trees.

During this week’s Plymouth Board of Public Works and Safety, Street Superintendent Jim Marquardt told the board his employees will continue to sweep up leaves for another week or two as long as we don’t get a measurable snow.

The annual leaf sweeping program was scheduled to conclude on Monday, November 20th but will go for another week or two, until the majority of the trees are bare.

City residents are urged to rake their leaves to the front curb, and not into the street as early as possible and city employees will pass by with the leaf vac and gather up those leaves.  The city does not go down alleys or into manufactured housing parks.

If you don’t get your leaves racked in time, you will need to bag them and place them at the curb for the yard waste pick up on Mondays and Fridays.

Superintendent Marquardt reminds citizens that the city does not operate the leaf sweeping machine in the spring.