Purdue_Extension+newsPurdue  Extension Marshall County Office is hosting a program on Tuesday evening, November 21, to discuss farm ground rent and arrangements of it.  The meeting will start at 6:30 pm.  The meeting will be held in room 304 of the Marshall County Building, 112 W. Jefferson Street, Plymouth.

What is a fair cash rent as the cash follow challenge continues for grain farmers?  Is there a flexible arrangement that can be workable for landlord and tenant?  Robert Yoder, Extension Educator ANR, will lead a discussion on this topic while sharing information from Purdue University.

Purdue University Center of Commercial Agriculture has several educational pieces, with one on trends in farm ground rental arrangements that will be reviewed at this meeting.  It is important to understanding farm ground production potential.

Renting of farm ground continues to be an important discussion between landlord and tenant.  This past decade has been challenging to determine fair rents with the shift from a profitable period to where covering all costs for tenants has become a challenge.

Robert Yoder, Purdue Extension Educator, works with clientele on this question of crop ground rental arrangements on a regular basis.  He is holding this meeting to share information on this topic and to share tools that he utilizes when working on this topic with clientele.

If you have questions about this meeting or plan to attend, please call Marshall County Extension Office (574) 935-8545.