Jack Greenlee Drive_1Tuesday afternoon Plymouth Mayor Mark Senter honored former Mayor Jack Greenlee by dedicating  the street leading to the new INDOT Substation Jack Greenlee Drive.

During the ceremony Senter said, “We are here today to honor a man of character, a legend of Plymouth…Mayor Jack Greenlee.” (1992-2000)   Greenlee also served as a Marshall County Councilman and a Plymouth City Councilman.

Mayor Senter noted Jacks involvement in the community while his wife Jenny said, “Jack loved being the mayor and serving the community.  He always had a smile and was joyful”

Former City Attorney, Nelson Chipman was at the ceremony and said, “I loved working for him and every day was a different day. This is a very fitting tribute to him.”

Jack’s daughter Jill said, “My dad was Plymouth’s biggest cheerleader!”