Jeff HouinWhile the Plymouth Common Council heard on first reading the two ordinances the will increase water rates by 12% and sewer rates by 30%, the ordinances were only read by title Monday evening, which is typical.

Councilman Jeff Houin did comment, thanking Utility Superintendent Donnie Davidson, Clerk Treasurer Jeanine Xaver and financial consultant Eric Welch from Umbaugh for provided so much information at the special meeting on October 30th.  Houin said he understands the concern for lost revenue with both Del Monte and Bay Valley closing their doors, he said he thought the city should slow down a bit and take some time.

Houin was interested in possible prospects to fill one or both of the factories, saying we can take action in a few months if we can’t fill the buildings.

He closed his comments saying, “I’m not supporting a rate increase at this time.”

While no comments were taken from the floor or other council members, that is the normal progression for an ordinance. At their meeting in two weeks the City Council will consider the ordinances on second reading and the public will have an opportunity to comment and question the proposal.