County news # 2The County Council agreed to totally fund the North Michigan Road paving project during their meeting on Monday.

County Commissioner Kurt Garner and Jason Peters from the County Highway Department asked for $325,250 to mill and fill North Michigan Road from the north side of LaPaz to the northern county line.  This is the old US 31 and will require paving all four-lanes.

The county had applied for a Community Crossings Grant for three projects: North Michigan Road north of LaPaz, South Michigan Road south of Argos to the county line and Beech Road.

When the state awarded the grant it was just over half of what the county had asked for.  They applied for a million dollars but were only awarded $518,322 which funded the Beech Road and South Michigan Road projects.

Realizing the bid of $325,250 was a good bid for the project and that the bid was only good for a short period of time the County Council unanimously motioned to support the request.  This will allow the county to sign a contract with Walsh & Kelly and the council can appropriate the funds after the first of the year since the project won’t be started until spring of 2018.