Recycle Depot_Logo11-10-17Recycling can be confusing. What can I throw in my recycle bin? What kind of plastic can I recycle? Where does Marshall County recycling go when it leaves the curb? How do I sign up for recycling service? What are the local ordinances about recycling?

The Marshall County Recycle Depot will be on hand to answer these questions on November 16 from 7-8 p.m. at the Plymouth Public Library, presenting a program for all ages called “Be a Recycling Superhero!”

During the program, guests may pick up information from their waste hauler and find out what services are available to residents. There will be games with fun prizes to test guests’ recycling knowledge, and kids can make their own no-sew superhero cape out of a recycled t-shirt (shirts will be provided or families may recycle their own).

Everyone is invited to join the fun and become recycling superheroes!

The Recycle Depot, Marshall County’s solid waste management district, is located at 1900 Walter Glaub Drive, Plymouth, Indiana. Our mission is to conserve natural resources and preserve the environment, encourage recycling efforts, provide opportunities and guidance for waste stream reduction, and increase awareness of proper hazardous waste disposal. For more information, hours, and the complete list of items accepted for disposal, check out the website at or call the office at (574) 935-8618.