U.S. Senator Joe Donnelly released the following statement on the tax reform proposal announced Thursday by Senate Republicans. Donnelly also met Thursday with the White House Director of the National Economic Council Gary Cohn to discuss his tax reform priorities.

Donnelly said, “As I have said, tax reform should create jobs, protect jobs, invest in American workers, and benefit middle class families. I will carefully review the Senate proposal released today and continue to engage with my colleagues and the White House on behalf of Hoosiers as the Senate works on tax reform.”

For months, Donnelly has said that he hopes tax reform will protect existing jobs and address the outsourcing of American jobs, while also creating jobs and providing relief to middle-class families. His priorities are consistent with his End Outsourcing Act, which would support companies that invest in American workers and penalize companies that ship American jobs to foreign countries.

Last week, Donnelly participated in a meeting on tax reform with White House Director of Legislative Affairs Marc Short and Cohn. President Trump called in for a portion of the event. In the meeting, Donnelly discussed his tax reform priorities and shared a letter that he also sent to Vice President Pence on Tuesday emphasizing that our tax policies should align with the interests of American workers and support companies that invest in the U.S.

Donnelly has discussed his desire to address outsourcing and ensure federal policies invest in American workers with President Trump and Administration officials on several occasions this year, and the President has consistently expressed support for the proposal: