LJH_Proposed2018_1The Plymouth Schools are entering into the next phase of their new Lincoln Junior High building project. During their meeting on November 7, the board held public hearings on both the lease with the Building Corporation and an additional appropriation. There were no comments from the audience on either.

Plans are to construct the new facility just east of the current LJH and demolish the existing building with the exception of preserving the original part of the structure that faces west.

In an earlier meeting, the board approved the purchase of a building and land adjacent to the proposed building site. The purchase price had been set at $272,000; however, the final cost after closing was $266,962.92. The board had received two estimates for the property. One was for $300,000 and the second one came in at $260,000.

Superintendent Andy Hartley said they will now be entering the design and development phase. He went on to say the architect estimates could be completed by December of this year or January of 2018. The architect information will likely be presented at the February board meeting.

The board unanimously approved an increase in the base salary for teachers as a part of the ratification of the Master Contract with the PEA (Plymouth Education Association). The base salary for new teachers is over $34,000. PEA Co-President, Laura Kruyer, said “The  $350 raise  was not very much, but it was the best that could  be done with the funding available.” Kruyer added, “The state is making it more and more difficult, when they have changed the funding formula, especially with the complexity index.”

The Master Contract now includes some language that affords teachers to carry over some of their unused personal days each year, according to Hartley.

Plymouth High School Principal, Jim Condon, reviewed proposed course changes for the 2018-2019 school year. A number of the changes will bring in additional funding from the state that means an increase of between $150-$500 per student. Courses approved then by the board included the following: Landscape Management II; Robotics Design and Innovation; Interpersonal Relationships; Culinary Arts; Sports and Entertainment Marketing; Introduction to Entrepreneurship; and Digital Applications and Responsibilities.

Carol Anders Correspondent