mayor Senter_HIS Small Wonders_1Plymouth Mayor Make Senter spent some time at HIS Small Wonders Preschool Monday morning.  The Mayor was assured that our City was well protected with multiple Spidermen, Batman, Police Officers, and Firemen.

mayor Senter_HIS small Wonders_2He also got to talk about business with the Mayor of Monopoly.  After a tour of the preschool, located in the old Firehouse, the Mayor and some other parents passed out treats to the children.

mayor Senter_HIS Small Wonders_3

The Mayor tried to teach the children how to do the “Jr Birdman” but it didn’t go so well.

Mayor senter_HIS Small Wonders_4

While touring the old Firehouse, the Mayor saw a photo from 1941 when there was a preschool located in the old Firehouse.   Mrs. Mallory’s preschool was located upstairs.

mayor Senter_His Small Wonders_5