PCSC_Red Ribbon Week2017

On Monday, October 23rd the Drug Enforcement Administration kicked off its annual Red Ribbon Campaign. It is the nation’s largest annual drug prevention effort. The Red Ribbon Campaign began in 1985 and the Red Ribbon Week is officially celebrated nationally from October 23-31.

The Plymouth Community School Corporation is celebrating Red Ribbon Week in many of their schools during the week of October 23.   They support Red Ribbon Week and everything it stands for – opposition to the use of illegal drugs.

Approximately 80 million people participate in Red Ribbon events every year.  The Plymouth Community School Corporation is asking you to take the National Red Ribbon Campaign Pledge now and be a part of the creation of a drug free America. By taking the Pledge you will take an important first step toward helping kids grow up, safe, healthy and drug free.

Plymouth Community School Corporation is building a drug-free future at Jefferson Elementary School and Washington Discovery Academy!  Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in schools across the United States in order for students to celebrate choosing a healthy drug-free life. To help celebrate students are encouraged to follow the Red Ribbon dress-up day themes below!

Monday: Give drugs the boot.  Wear your western wear and cowboy boots

Tuesday: Be on a drug-free team.  Wear your favorite team shirts

Wednesday: We have superpowers against drugs.  Wear your favorite superhero shirts.

Thursday: Sock it to drugs.  Wear your crazy socks

Friday: We dream of a drug-free future.  Wear school appropriate pajamas

Webster and Menominee Elementary Schools celebrates Red Ribbon Week each year to remember to live a healthy and drug free life. Dress-up days are a fun way for students to think about making healthy choices for themselves and the people close to them. Students are encouraged to follow the Red Ribbon dress-up day themes below!

Monday, October 23: Shade Out Drug.  Wear your favorite sunglasses

Tuesday, October 24: Don’t Let Drugs Mix You Up.   Wear some of your clothing backwards

Wednesday, October 25: Use Your Head and Don’t Use Drugs.  Wear your hair in a crazy way

Thursday, October 26: Spot Me Being Drug Free or Drugs will Tie You Up.  Wear polka dots or a necktie, or both

Friday, October 27: I’m Dreaming of a Drug Free Life.  This will be a paid dress-up day. Students can pay $1 to wear school appropriate pajamas or $1 to wear slippers – or $2 to wear both!  Wear school appropriate pajamas and/or slippers

One way to be drug free is to become involved in the community. All money collected on Friday will be given to the Marshall County United Way. United Way provides funding for many community agencies that help others. Webster and Menominee would like to celebrate Red Ribbon Week by giving back to others in our Marshall County community.