IUSB & Ivy Tech Junior Class On-Site Visit2017The Plymouth High School guidance department is excited to announce an amazing opportunity for the entire junior class to participate in a day of learning off campus. On October 23 and October 24, Plymouth High School juniors will travel to Ivy Tech Community College in South Bend and Indiana University South Bend.

Principal Jim Condon said, “Plymouth High School will transport via bus half of our junior class on each day and provide students the opportunity to hear from college admissions representatives at both higher learning institutions, take a campus tour, and learn about academic programs offered at each school.”
Plymouth High School Director of Guidance Aimee Portteus said, “Plymouth High School understands not all students may be interested in attending college or specifically Ivy Tech or IUSB, but with that said, we believe it is vitally important to put knowledge in student’s hands so each student can make the best choices for their future life after Plymouth High School.”

For the past few years, Weidner School of Inquiry @ PHS has transported their entire junior class of PBL learners to both locations. Portteus said she and WSOI Co-Director Jennifer Felke started purposefully partnering together last year to improve college and career readiness services for all students and this field trip is one of the strategized results. “Another result of our college and career readiness conversations is the new addition of the GO Center, here for PHS students,” said Portteus.

The GO Center is the newly organized College and Career Center at Plymouth High School, created for all students to help map out their futures! The center is located inside of the Weidner School of Inquiry @ PHS on the first floor Felke said, “So far this school year dozens of representatives from Indiana colleges and universities have visited the Go Center to speak with students during their homeroom, Student Resource Time or lunch periods.” PHS parents and student can follow upcoming activities planned in the Go Center by liking, The GO Center at Plymouth High School Facebook Page. Portteus said students are notified via their school email account about weekly events going on in the Go Center that they can take part in or sign up to attend.

According to Georgetown University located in Washington, D.C., by the year 2020, 65% of all jobs in the economy will require postsecondary education or training beyond high school. Furthermore, statistics show that students who earn even a training certificate or associate degree outearn students who have a high school diploma and they also face a lower unemployment rate.

“We understand some students are still likely weighing their options for plans after graduation from Plymouth High School next June, but Plymouth High School wants to provide students with as much information as possible so they can make the right choice for their next steps,” said Condon.

Ivy Tech and IUSB are affordable options that have many programs both for students who want to stay local and commute to receive a college education or for those who want to attend school for perhaps a short amount of time or who want to earn an associate degree locally and possibly then transfer to a 4-year institution.

“Even if students plan to attend another college or university, this visit will provide them with a wealth of knowledge about academic programs, job opportunities, the college application process, and college financial information,” said Felke.

Plymouth High School is excited to provide the field trip to students at no cost. Students only need to bring a sack lunch for the day if they did not sign up for a school-made sack lunch previously.