Plymouth City Attorney Sean Surrisi gave a brief update to the Redevelopment Commission this week on the City Hall Renovation Project.

Surrisi said, “Things are moving along pretty well.”  He then presented a slide show that allowed members to see the progress.  The two apartments over the Chamber office have been removed and opened up.  Demolition continues both upstairs and down with walls being removed in preparation for the new

City Hall safeSince City Hall was a former bank there is a large safe on the main floor and $25,000 was budgeted to explore the possibility of uncovering the original round entrance into the safe and having it as a focal point of the new offices. The drywall hiding the original entrance has been removed although the studs are still in place pending a final decision to keep it exposed or not.

Demolition work is also happening at the back of the Chamber offices on the main floor along with an excavation project behind the Chamber for the elevator shaft.

Surrisi presented change order number one on the project, a deduct of $35,000.  This is taking out commissioning, which is hiring a third party to teach the owner about all the new systems in the building so they know how to use them and assess whether the owner could manage them solely or should hire someone to manage the systems.  Surrisi said this is typically used for much larger projects.

Surrisi said the manufactures of all the new products have an obligation to provide similar services along with Michiana Contracting to assure they can train the city staff on the new systems.

The city attorney said the $35,000 will be deducted from the actual contact price of $2,198,700.  He also said $50,000 was budgeted for the allowance of asbestos and lead paint abatement.  That’s been completed and the actual cost was only $31,572.  That leaves an extra $18,428 in the project budget.

A couple other changes will affect the $100,000 contingency that was built into the contract price.  $6,353 will be subtracted from the contingency fund for the removal of 15 feet of brick wall by the Mayor’s office and additional 15 feet of brick wall on the second floor, removal of decorative chimney item on the north side of the building and removal of an additional 4 feet of brick wall for a door opening leaving $93,647 in the contingency fund.

The Plymouth Redevelopment Commission unanimously approved change order # 1 for the City Hall project.