Niles Scream Park logoThe Niles Scream Park proved once again to be a popular Fall time activity. On Friday, October 13, the Park broke its all-time attendance record for a Friday night, welcoming 8,258 interior attraction visitors. Park Manager Pete Karlowicz remarked, “Apparently, Friday the 13th really is good luck for the Park, not bad!”

Capitalizing on the fact that Friday the 13th fell in the month of October, the Park forced patrons to confront their superstitions. For example, to enter the Park, you had to walk under a ladder. Other superstitions included spilling salt and opening an umbrella indoors.

Online tickets for the Hooded attraction were reduced to $6.66 for 13 hours on Friday the 13th only. Park Manager Matt Herm said, “It was some added fun to celebrate Friday the 13th.”

The Niles Scream Park is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights through October, plus Tuesday, October 31. Black Out is on Friday, November 3 and Saturday, November 4. More information on prices, times and dates of operation can be obtained by visiting the Niles Scream Park web site at or calling 269-687-FEAR.

The Park is located on Mayflower Road, south of Niles-Buchanan Road just off Exit 5 of the US 31 Bypass.