Menominee_pie in the face_1Mr. Steve Boyer, principal at Menominee Elementary School was a great sport as he delivered his promise to students that they could hit him with a whipped cream pie if they were able to find someone to donate blood in his/her honor at a recent blood drive.

Menominee_Pie in the face_2Menominee students cheered and yelled as each pie was delivered. Principal Boyer was hit in the face over and over again as 40 students lined up and smacked whipped cream pies on his head, his face, his stomach, and even his lap! Because there were a few extra pies waiting to be thrown,

Menominee_pie in the face_3Mr. Boyer opened the floor up to his teaching staff to throw a pie at him as well. Students seemed to get even more excited as one after another teacher took turns smashing whipped cream pies in Mr. Boyer’s face.

Menominee_Pie in the face_4Forty-two pints of blood were donated at this year’s American Red Cross blood drive that was held at Menominee this past Wednesday!