Bourbon WelcomeThe Bourbon Town Council along with their attorney, Mark Wagner, continue to take the necessary steps to make the owners of abandoned or rundown properties come into compliance.

During their October 9 meeting, Wagner presented updates on the legal actions they are taking.

Karen Holmes owns a number of properties within the town limits that are in serious disrepair. At an earlier meeting, the board approved a negotiated figure of $10,000 from Holmes to pay a portion of the back utilities owed with the understanding that she sell the properties or start paying utilities by November 15. Wagner said he is in contact with the attorney representing the owner.

Legal steps are still in place concerning the Elizabeth Cary property on West Center St. The property has been a discussion by the Council for several months as they took steps to have major debris and motor vehicles removed. At this time, Bourbon Zoning/Building official, Bill Keyser was named by the courts to oversee actions taken. Wagner said during the investigation into the property holdings, a $4,000 IRA was uncovered and the Town of Bourbon can use funds from that to cover legal fees, such as filing fees, and to reimburse Keyser for his work.

Wagner said he has seen improvement on the property, but that there are still campers that need to be removed. October 31 is the deadline that must be met for improvements.

Carol Anders Correspondent