Belted Galloways_1Tuesday evening the Plymouth Board of Zoning Appeals approved a Variance of Use to have 4-H livestock for Andrew and Elizabeth Miller at 11120 Michigan Road.

This year the BZA has had 3 to 4 requests for farm animals in the city’s 2-mile zoning district.  The current R-2 zoning district only permits livestock to horses and equine production.  If someone wanted to raise chickens, rabbits, goats or larger animals would need a variance of use.

Belted Galloways_2The property in question was formerly owned by Ginny and Dave Gibson and had horses and lamas stabled there for 30 years.  The Millers purchased the property 5 years ago and have 4 to 6 Belted Galloway cows on the 6.5 acres.

Belted Galloways_4Plan Commission President Doug Feece questioned Keith Hammonds on the violation several months ago and a letter was sent to the Millers.

Belted Galloways_3Tuesday night several neighbors attended the meeting in support of the Millers who sought a variance to permit 4-H type farm animals on the property.

The Plymouth BZA unanimously approved the variance of use.

Related to this, Planning Consultant Ralph Booker asked the Plan Commission if they wanted to look at amending the zoning ordinance to include a definition of animal production and limited animal production in an R-1 & R-2 zoning district.  It was suggested by Plan Commission member Mark Gidley that stocking rates be included for a conversation at their next meeting.

Both 2-mile representatives on the Plan Commission, Doug Feece and Mark Gidley appeared to have reservations about allowing livestock in the 2-mile zone, although Gidley said he was willing to bring it up for conversation.  The proposal is for 4-H, hobby and personal use and not any type of commercial enterprise.

The Plan Commission voted 8 to 2 with Feece and City Council representative Shawn Grobe voting against the proposal.

Don Ecker, city council rep asked Booker to bring details on enforcement to the table for discussion too.