Stephen-Moriarty-1Tippecanoe Valley High School’s head football coach is suspended indefinitely due to an incident that happened in the locker room during the Sept. 29 football game against Rochester High School.

Coach Stephen Moriarty’s suspension is for “conduct unbecoming a coach” and is pending further review. During halftime in the locker room, Moriarty threw two crates that contained water bottles. One of the crates ricocheted off the wall and came in contact with a player. The player did not play the second half as a result, but has since been cleared to play during the next football game. Tippecanoe Valley School Corporation does not release medical information related to students.

The school corporation’s board of trustees will discuss this incident during an executive session on Oct. 5, 2017. Executive sessions are not open to the public. The board of trustees and the administration are working to determine an appropriate consequence as a result of what happened. As of Oct. 4, 2017, this incident is not listed on any future public meeting agendas as a topic of discussion.

Jeff Shriver, an assistant coach for the team, will take over until a resolution regarding Moriarty has been reached. Moriarty was officially hired as the head football coach at the Jan. 16, 2017, board meeting.